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Denver dental health and ageWhile we’ve discussed a few of the ways that age affects the appearance of our teeth, it’s also important to be aware of the changes age has on our oral health. A few key differences in older mouths make it more difficult to maintain excellent dental and periodontal health. But being aware of the potential changes will make identifying dental problems much simpler. This blog post keys you in to a few things to watch out for as your teeth experience the progression of time. By taking action at the earliest sign of a problem, you will preserve your teeth and your smile.

Denver Dentist on Healthy Teeth At Every Age

  • Dry mouth – The most common oral change that takes place as we age and lose salivary tissue, dry mouth is highly damaging to your teeth. Saliva is a natural protector against the buildup of bacteria and acids, and the lack of saliva allows bacteria to breed. Dry mouth may be caused by other diseases, certain medications, nerve damage, and smoking. Fight the effects of dry mouth by using fluoride toothpaste, using sugar-free gum, and drinking plenty of water.
  • Worn enamel – Gradual wear and tear, as well as teeth grinding, can lead to a loss of tooth enamel. This leaves teeth susceptible to bacteria.
  • Periodontal disease – Lack of saliva, unhealthy gum tissue, and tooth loss all allow periodontal disease to take hold.
  • Tooth loss – Trauma and dental problems can lead to eventual tooth loss. If you are missing teeth, visit our dental implants and dentures pages to learn more about replacement options.

Denver | Preventing Dental Problems As We Age

The most effective way to prevent dental problems from arising is to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. Only a professional can identify minute signs of oncoming issues. Call us to set up your next appointment today!

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