Denver Cosmetic Dentist Offers Facial Rejuvenation

facial rejuvenation Denver cosmetic dentistThe season is  beginning to change, and it’s time to embraces spring, regrowth, and warmth! But preparing for spring is difficult when your skin feels weathered, tired, or worn. Give yourself the gift of facial rejuvenation with our Denver cosmetic dentist. With treatments for both minor and deep wrinkles, our skilled team will subtly refresh and renew your face.

Botox Cosmetic

Do you find yourself realizing your forehead muscles are clenched after a long day of concentration? Have lines appeared between your eyebrows due to this subconscious tightening of your muscles? It can be difficult to relax our foreheads – they carry a great deal of our stress. When using our eyes to focus intently, it’s natural for forehead muscles to tighten. But hard work doesn’t need to mean forehead wrinkles.

Botox prevents certain forehead muscles from contracting, leading to wrinkle reduction. When administered by a trained dentist, Botox will only affect the desired muscles, meaning that you will still enjoy a full range of facial expressions. This cosmetic injection can be received during a 15-minute session, after which you will be immediately able to return to your day. Our Denver cosmetic dentist will apply a topical anesthetic so that your injections are comfortable. After repeated sessions of Botox, forehead muscles tend to be prone to relaxation, meaning that Botox actually aids with future muscle prevention (even without an active dose of medicine present).

Juvederm XC

Juvederm is a dermal filler, a smooth gel that replaces hydrating substances our skin loses as it ages. This versatile facial filler restores a youthful feeling and look to skin by replacing hyaluronin. Our Denver cosmetic dentist is able to inject Juvederm to many different areas of the lower face. If you dislike deep laugh lines, or “parentheses” (lines around your mouth), Juvederm will lessen those lines and round your cheeks. Juvederm is appropriate for gentle lip enhancements, adding volume to your lips without surgical procedures. Juvederm may also be used to reduce the dark triangles that can appear between teeth after extensive dental work/tooth movement. No matter your esthetic concern, Juvederm could hold the solution.

Facial rejuvenation will help you embrace a new outlook on life! Learn more about our non-invasive cosmetic enhancements by contacting our Denver cosmetic dentist.

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