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Denver dentist teeth grinding TMJ disorder

When you are at rest, every part of your body should be relaxed. Yet those with a teeth grinding problem never reach this level of total relaxation. When you suffer from bruxism (chronic grinding), your jaw muscles is overworked and overstressed. This leads to different types of facial, oral, and jaw pain, as well as potential muscle disorders. At Cherry Creek Dentistry, our Denver dentist offers occlusal guards to fight bruxism and calm your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Read on to discover just how serious bruxism can be, as well as the simplicity of the solution.

Bruxism will cause damage to teeth, gums, TMJ, and bone. If your grinding continues unchecked, it may lead to TMJ disorders. A patient with a TMJ disorder has persistent problems and discomfort resulting from the improper activity of their jaw muscles. Our Denver dentist finds both bruxism and these disorders are manifested in:

– Head pain

– Jaw pain

– Ear pain

– Sinus pain

– A clicking sound when chewing

– A “locked” jaw that won’t open or close fully

– Biting and chewing discomfort

– Worn, broken or sensitive teeth

– Gum recession

When experiencing these symtoms, it becomes very difficult to lead a normal life. Eliminating grinding and clenching will often resolve this pain and return you to your regular activities. TMJ disorder treatment ranges in its methods, depending on the reason behind TMJ stress. If you have a malocclusion (bad bite), treatment may involve readjustment of your jaw position or teeth straightening. But in many cases, TMJ and bruxism may be resolved with an occlusal guard.

This custom mouth guard is made to precisely fit your teeth. A tight fit makes for a comfortable guard that you will barely notice is in your mouth. This mouth guard will most likely be worn at night, to prevent clenching and grinding when you are unconscious and your teeth are at their most vulnerable. An occlusal guard protects your immediate tooth surfaces and prevents the harmful motions that lead to pain.

All we need to do to make your occlusal guards is take impressions of your upper and lower jaws. Your new guards will last for a decade and protect you from your TMJ. Discover relief by calling Cherry Creek Dentistry and beginning TMJ disorder treatment.

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