Denver cosmetic dentist dentures dental implantsWhen you’re missing teeth, your life changes in both obvious and subtle ways. Whether you’re struggling to chew properly or hiding your smile from scrutiny, a missing tooth has no positive impact on your life. Many individuals suffer their missing teeth because they are reluctant to install poorly-functioning, complicated dental prosthetics. What those individuals don’t realize is that the days of uncomfortable dental restorations are in the past. Our Denver cosmetic dentist provides gorgeous, stable replacement teeth to return healthy wholeness to your smile and life.

Dental Restoration

Restorative dentistry involves a great deal of dental range and skill. The restoration must function alongside your natural teeth, while feeling secure and looking beautiful. Our Denver cosmetic dentist’s aesthetic talents, oral surgery experience, and general dentistry background make him an excellent provider of restorative dentistry.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is missing, it is possible and often simpler to merely restore the crown (the portion of the tooth above the gum line). Yet superficial restorations lacking the foundation of a tooth root can feel awkward and disconnected from your natural teeth. Dental implants restore the missing root so that the entire tooth structure is reconstructed. Implants are small titanium screws that fuse with the jaw bone over time. In this way, implants become a natural-feeling part of your mouth.

Geneva Dentures

Our Denver cosmetic dentist works to provide dentures that don’t feel like replacement teeth. Our choice replacement teeth, Geneva dentures, are Swiss-made porcelain teeth. Porcelain matches the superficial qualities of natural teeth so that porcelain restorations look inherent. Geneva dentures are hand-crafted and individually constructed for individually perfect results. Resistant to wear, discoloration, and breakage, Geneva dentures will restore your teeth without feeling false.

Our Denver cosmetic dentist’s restorative dental techniques will create a new smile you’re confident with, rather than one that looks fake or is obviously restored. Return your teeth and your life to normalcy with our dental help.

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