Denver Dentist on Freeing Yourself From The Daily Grind

When you are at rest, every part of your body should be relaxed. Yet those with a teeth grinding problem never reach this level of total relaxation. When you suffer from bruxism (chronic grinding), your jaw muscles is overworked and overstressed. This leads to different […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist: Whiten Teeth to Change Your Life

Sometimes the subtlest changes are the most effective. When modifying your appearance, making small tweaks to a number of areas will produce the most even and natural-looking results. If you are looking to enhance your smile, involved cosmetic dentistry doesn’t need to be the first […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist Fights Periodontal Disease

When we think about our teeth, the biggest problems we usually worry about are cavities. The sad truth is that there much more significant dental concerns at hand. Though cavities are the beginning of most dental problems, they can’t compete with the seriousness of advanced […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist Offers Relaxing Sedation Dentistry

If you experience dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Fear of dental treatment is common in patients of every age. This survey concluded that 20% of patients asked felt intense dental fear, and 20% slight to moderate dental fear. To compensate for this anxiety, dentists have […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist On Professional Teeth Cleaning

Our Denver cosmetic dentist is aware that cosmetic dentistry is the glamorous, thrilling side of the dental world. Although cosmetic dentistry is exciting because it allows patients to perfect their smiles, a perfect smile is nothing without a healthy foundation. That healthy mouth begins with […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist’s Porcelain Crowns Rebuild Front Teeth

When you’re missing a significant amount of a tooth, you just don’t feel good. Cosmetic concerns and oral discomfort combine to make that damaged tooth a constant source of stress. Some patients fear tooth repairs will result in bulky dental work that is easily noticed […]

Denver Cosmetic Dentist on the How and Why of Dental Implants

Though the term “implant” always sounds a touch intimidating, in this case it refers to a treatment that could change your mouth and life. Implants aren’t always cosmetic – sometimes they replace a missing structure, rather than enhancing features we already possess. Our Denver cosmetic […]

Denver Dentist / Denver Oral Surgeon Simplifies Extractions

When we need to have a tooth pulled, a common response is fear and concern. It’s always scary to lose a piece of yourself, even something as small as a tooth. Your Denver dentist is well aware of extraction anxiety, and strives to treat patients […]

Denver Dentist Enhances Dental Comfort

To some patients, “sedation dentistry” sounds a little frightening, and evokes images of dentistry in which you are overly sedated and groggy throughout the procedure. In reality, sedation dentistry simply prefers to a focus on patient comfort and the correct levels of anesthesia for your […]

Denver Dentist Points Out Tooth-Healthy Resolutions

The holidays are over, and this week we’re finally settling back into our usual routines. This is the key week when we break out our New Year’s resolutions and see if we can uphold our newly resolved, healthy regimens. Where does your oral hygiene come […]

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